'Sometimes I wonder if we're making a difference. I wonder if Schoodles is helping therapists feel effective in their work. Yes, this is a business, but it is more important to us that we've created something useful. The quotes below, with the exception of the last one, are unsolicited emails and Facebook posts.
Thank you, dear therapists, for acknowledging us and for giving us purpose every day.'

Marie Frank OTR/L Schoodles Author
'I am an Occupational Therapist in rural Alabama. I am responsible for multiple settings with the school system being one. Y'alls assessment has helped me SO much this year with my evaluations! I bought the digital-only version, but have since wished I had the workbook/printed version as well. Is there any way to still get the workbook at the bundle price or should I just go through the website and order just the workbook? Again, I can't thank you guys enough for this resource. It is evident how much time y'all have placed in ensuring a quality product!'

Abbey OTR
I love how it is so comprehensive and addresses all the main classroom performance skills, and provides norms/developmental scales to guide the IEP team’s decision-making process. And even more importantly, in my opinion, it looks at the underlying/supporting skills, which is exactly what we need to be addressing in our therapy sessions in order to achieve the end-product (the school skills). In the write-up from this tool, you can paint a very detailed and rich picture of the student’s school performance. You can also correlate your findings to those standard scores that are provided by psychological testing.”

Sandra OTR
'Thank you! I actually had your first edition quite a few years ago which was a complete game changer when I started working in the schools.'

Charity OTR
I'm so excited you are offering the discount for 50% savings on Digital Memberships if you own a hard copy or previously downloaded version of Schoodles! I would love for you to send me the coupon. Thank you so much for developing such an amazing program.

Virginia OTR
I'm interested in recommending our district purchase the digital membership and I understand there was a discount for those who took the webinar. I did that back in October 2019 from Sensational Brain (I loved the webinar btw!). Is that still available?

Lorie OTR
'I used the Schoodles and thought it was amazing! My district would like to purchase 3 more digital memberships (+keyboarding).'

Samantha OTR
Hi Marie- I logged in this morning to start reviewing materials and tools. I am so excited. Thank you for all of your help!

-Sarah OTR
'We love your assessment by the way. Find it very useful!!'

Shelley OTR

Schoodles – School Fine Motor & Keyboarding Assessment Review Schoodles creates pediatric assessments that are geared towards school based occupational therapists. While not often working directly in the public schools, I have done my share of screenings and assessments in daycares and private schools, and it can be difficult to make sure you are being thorough, especially when you have a large number of children…

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