Schoodles is a qualitative assessment of skills that contribute to fine motor work. Skills are assessed according to age levels of attainment and quality of performance, and it can be individualized for each students identified challenges. Schoodles can be used as a stand-alone tool to determine the need for intervention or as a companion to standardized testing for students ages 3 and older. Components of the assessment are chosen based on the student need identified by the student's teachers.

Skills are broken down into Classroom Skills and Supporting Skills, those skills needed to support fine motor outcomes.

Classroom skills included are design copy, handwriting, coloring, cutting, and puzzle construction. Supporting skills included are manual muscle testing, proprioception, gross motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, finger coordination, crossing midline, motor planning, bilateral coordination, trunk strength, and vision skills.

Observations made during these tasks are analyzed to determine if there are need areas that can be addressed by an occupational therapist.

Goals can be easily written from the information gained from the assessment using the goal writing guide. It takes about 30-45 minutes to move through the assessment.

The Schoodles Keyboarding Assessment breaks down the functional skill of keyboarding into component areas. These include access, fine motor skill development, gross motor skill development, and skill with the keyboard. Through the assessment, the efficiency and speed of written outcomes using keyboarding and handwriting can be compared.

Areas needing intervention requiring the unique skills of an occupational therapist can be identified.

The assessment includes a Background Information Form, a Teacher Question Form, a Student Question Form, and a detailed Record Sheet. Typing samples to copy, links to timed tests, and links to keyboarding programs for intervention are also included.

We use the same cost-effective reproducible format we use in the original Schoodles assessment.

The keyboarding membership offers fillable forms and individual workbook pages to customize your assessment to the student. One-time purchase, lifetime access includes any updates or changes we make to the tool.
SFMA Memberships include 'Where do I start' instructions and quick start guide to get you going fast for remote or in-person assessments.

A criterion-referenced tool for over 20 skills, training videos for therapists, task videos for students, and fill-able forms are included.

We recently added a new report writing template with drop downs, narrative prompts and templates for other frequently used tests to make report writing fast and easy.

Digital memberships are a purchase once option. NO Yearly Membership Fees.

We are constantly adding new features! Watch the homepage for updates!

Choose both the hard copy and digital membership for ultimate flexibility and access to new information.

*Memberships are one per therapist, group pricing is avaiable .
1. Info for your E-helper to set up the workspace for the student.
2. Guidance on how to work with an E-helper
3. Guidance on engaging students online through the assessment.
4. A quick start guide with telehealth adaptations included that will help guide you through the assessment process.
5. Task videos for the students to watch as you observe them moving.
6. Individual workbook pages to download or send.
7. Fillable forms as an alternative to forms you print and fill out by hand.
8. All workbook pages are reproducible with no copyright constraints.