About Schoodles School Keyboarding Assessment:
The Schoodles Keyboarding Assessment helps therapists think critically about students’ keyboarding needs. We’ve included a teacher question form, a student question form, and a detailed record sheet to gather information. We’ve also included typing samples to copy, links to timed tests and links to keyboarding programs for intervention. We use the same cost-effective reproducible format we use in the original Schoodles assessment.
The workbook helps therapists compare handwritten work to work produced on a keyboard. We’ve included an assessment of classroom skills and supporting skills needed to evaluate, decide on service, and create interventions to help students become successful keyboarders.

This assessment is available in 2 formats:
Digital Membership:
Our digital membership offers therapists flexibility and convenience. When you purchase a membership, you are able to access the keyboarding guide. Benefits include online access to the manual. It is organized and accessible for therapists on the go! There are links to instructional videos demonstrating how to administer Schoodles tasks as well as links to research and supporting articles. We include reproducible downloads for the student workbooks, teacher interview forms and therapist observation sheets.
Spiral Bound Book:
All information for the keyboarding assessment is contained in a sturdy spiral bound book. All student workbook pages are reproducible.

Table of Contents