Schoodles SFMA

The 4th Edition is here!

What’s new? Besides our new look, the therapist’s guide is updated and expanded and includes pictures for most tasks.  Teacher interview questions were added to help tie classroom performance to the assessment process and service. We updated the workbook pages to make them even more effective in gathering information needed to make critical decisions. We updated the clinical observation guide, added a classroom observation guide, and a goal writing chart. Whew!

  • Standardized test scores can be valuable, but don’t give enough information about classroom problems or starting points for intervention. Schoodles School Fine Motor Assessment – Fourth Edition is a tool that quickly organizes informally gathered information to help identify a child’s educational needs.
  • Occupational therapists are increasingly being asked to assist with RTI (response to intervention) screens. Schoodles SFMA provides an avenue for pre and post-intervention data gathering that is easily understandable to teachers and parents.
  • Within the sturdy binder you will and an assessment guide detailing key ages for skill development. It also contains helpful insights to make thorough observations of fine motor abilities, especially those that pertain to classroom skills. We have recently added an assessment table to ease the task of collecting data for every skill.
  • For the student, there is a fun, recently updated workbook with coloring activities, puzzles, cutting tasks, and handwriting sample pages. The workbook pages can be customized for each child and it is intended to be photocopied.
  • There is a valuable updated observation page to help organize information and assist with write-ups. This page includes places to record information about grasp, drawing, writing, cutting, vision skills, sensory motor skills, self-care,
    and general observations.
  • As an alternative, we have created a CD version of the assessment, which contains all the information you need to build your own tool in PDF form. And, to save shipping costs and to increase eco-friendliness, we’ve added a digital version of our tool.
  • Schoodles SFMA can be used as a quick screen, a routine update, or a complete assessment for fine motor skills. It is designed for children ages 3 years and older and can be administered by occupational therapists, or certified occupational therapy assistants with supervision/interpretation from an occupational therapist. It takes 25 -45 minutes to complete.
  • New grads and seasoned therapists alike have found this simple tool to be the key to organizing all portions of a performance-based observation and evaluation. Schoodles SFMA is efficient, fun, creative and consistent!!

‘I have used Schoodles since its first edition and each edition since. Thank you for such wonderful and helpful tools.’
Jennifer, OTR