The Schoodles School Fine Motor Assessment -4th Edition

The Schoodles School Fine Motor Assessment -4th Edition

Schoodles is a tool that quickly organizes fine and visual motor information to help identify a child’s educational needs. Schoodles SFMA can be used as a quick screen, a routine update, or a complete assessment for fine motor skills. It is designed for children ages 3 years and older and can be administered by occupational therapists or supervised certified occupational therapy assistants. It takes 25 -45 minutes to complete.  New grads and seasoned therapists have found this simple tool to be the key to organizing all portions of a performance-based observation and evaluation. Schoodles is efficient, fun, creative and consistent. 

Therapist’s Guide: The therapist’s guide explains the assessment process. It is packed with photos, suggested observations and research-based age ranges for skill attainment. It contains helpful insights to make thorough observations of fine motor abilities, especially those that pertain to classroom skills.  It contains the Schoodles Observation Chart which outlines each task providing further suggestions for assessment. Finally, a comprehensive Fine Motor Goal Writing guide helps in writing appropriate and measurable goals.

Student Workbook: For the student, there is a fun workbook with coloring activities, puzzles, cutting tasks, and handwriting sample pages. The student workbook can be photocopied and customized for each student. (No reordering expensive test booklets!) A Clinical Observation sheet is included to help document observations and organize info for easy report writing. A Classroom Observation Guide and Teacher Interview form will inform educational needs.

The Schoodles SFMA 4th Edition includes information-gathering tools for the following skills: Pre-tracing, tracing, design imitation, design copy, draw a person, handwriting, coloring, cutting, puzzle assembly, vision skills, muscle strength, muscle tone, crossing midline, finger coordination, R/L discrimination, tactile processing, balance, core strength, and coordination skills, eye-hand coordination, proprioception/body awareness, self-care, direction following, affect, attitude, and arousal level, interests, and strengths, teacher interview, goal writing, and classroom observation.

This assessment is available in 2 formats:

Digital Membership: Our digital membership offers therapists flexibility and convenience. When you purchase a membership, you are able to access the guide and download workbook pages. Benefits include online access to the therapist manual. It is organized and accessible for therapists on the go! There are links to instructional videos demonstrating how to administer Schoodles tasks as well as links to research and supporting articles. We include reproducible downloads for the student workbooks, teacher interview forms and therapist observation sheets.

Three Ring Binder: All materials are contained in a sturdy 3-ring binder divided into sections and a pencil pouch to carry materials. The workbook is reproducible.

Sample Pages and Student Work