The Schoodles School Fine Motor Assessment -4th Edition includes:

Therapist’s Guide

Therapist’s Guide Includes a Teacher Questionaire to assist in gathering information from sta working with the child. This expanded guide explains the assessment and gives age ranges for skill attainment as well as suggestions for carrying out each task. It also includes a new Supplemental Materials section with the Schoodles Observation Chart which outlines each task providing further suggestions for observations, and Fine Motor Goal Writing guide.

Student Workbook

Student Workbook The updated workbook is made to be photocopied and customized for use with each student. (No reordering expensive test booklets!) A Clinical Observation sheet is included to help with documenting observations as well can a Classroom Observation Guide and Teacher Interview form. We include a zipper pouch to hold items needed for testing in our binder version of the tool.

The Schoodles SFMA 4th Edition includes information gathering tools for the following:


-design imitation

-design copy 

-draw a person




-puzzle assembly 

-vision skills

-muscle strength 

-muscle tone

-crossing midline

-finger coordination 

-R/L discrimination

-tactile processing 

-balance, core strength and coordination skills

-eye-hand coordination 

-proprioception/body awareness


-direction following

-affect, attitude, and arousal level 

-interests and strengths

-teacher interview 

-goal writing

-classroom observation 

We have 2 options: binder or download. 

Sample Pages and Student Work